Sunday, January 24, 2010


Firstly some of you may know me from my first blog THE DIRGE OF GABRIEL.

While I loved that blog, since it was my dark little first born, I have decided to discontinue it because I rarely watch and read many Horror films/books as often as a blog would require me to keep it updated. Good horror novels are few and far between as are movies now, and I feel the Golden Age of Horror has faded (though I desire the remake of The Wolfman will reignite the Black Flame!).

I read more non-fiction books than fiction at this current point in my life, so I wanted to create a new, improved and darker blog that would suit my current hobby, thus THE CONVENT OF BLOOD was born. I got this name from a building a vampire named Requiem destroyed attempting to rescue his beloved in a vampire comic called Requiem Chevalier Vampire, which I will review shortly.

So this blood-soaked Blog of Darkness serves a variety of dark purposes from reviewing some horror movies and novels that I find worthy of my peculiar tastes, to examining occult texts, and investigating occult personalities, groups and events that I find intriguing.

It will also serve as a personal journal of sorts, a dark biography to discuss what is going on in my dark little mind. I’ll also discuss occult systems that I have examined and explain what I like/dislike about them.

Come my fellow Dark Immortals! Take a seat in our decrepit pews, and open your Black Bibles to Chapter One. As the Demonic Priest and his Vampire Nuns take their place behind the pulpit, let your mind wander to the depths of your pagan minds, where your darkest fantasies lurk, and let the Black Mass begin !!

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