Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Aww Shucks!

The lovely Nicole Hadaway over at ALL THINGS SMART AND SCARY  granted me this award today, and I feel a little bit like Chewy in Star Wars when Luke and Han are up on the podium getting the award from the ever sexy Princess Leia, and I have to hang back even though I helped just as much. Just joking :)

Thanks Nicole! Now to think of seven truths, or are they lies (?) that goes along with the award.

1) I've spent the night in Dracula's Castle on the Borgo Pass in Transylvania a few years back
2) I used to be a member of a Witches Coven
3) I have sixteen tattoos
4) I have a child each to three different women
5) I've done martial arts since I was ten but never got a black belt
6) My name means "Strength of God Forever" in two old Languages
7) I named my first cat after a Vampire: The Masquerade Clan.

Now for the seven blogs, some new and some old, that I have a daily joy reading and keep me entertained in the cyber world:

1) Taliesin Meets The Vampires - Goes without saying this is my favourite Vampire blog and Andy was the person who got me into the blogosphere in the first place. Always a delight to read his reviews, and you'll always find something new (or old) you've never seen before to watch.
2) Vampire News - Everlost's blog is great because it's all the World's Entertainment news of the Vampire Genre in one handy blog, and you never have to go anywhere else for the latest fanged news. Very up-to-date information for the vampire aficionado.
3) Lady Lovecraft is one of the Lovecraftian blogs I follow, and always has very interesting articles on HPL and the Cthulhu Mythos, worth checking out!
4)  Propnomicon is a wondrous site that catalogues all the HPL and Cthulhu Merchandise from around the world, you'll discover some neat artefacts!
5) Scare Sarah - As far as I know, Sarah is relatively new to the blogosphere, but she is charging full steam ahead reviewing all kinds of movies in the Horror Genre including old favourites from the Exorcist to new Horror such as Halloween 2 and Orphan. Check her blog out!
6) Vamp Chix - A great lover of the Vampire Genre (with a dash of werewolf), might seemed geared towards Paranormal Romance, but you'll always discover a new book to read there to dig your nails into!
7) Preternatura - Suzanne Johnson writes a great Pop Culture blog, from High Fantasy to Urban Fantasy among other genres. Suzanne has some very interesting articles, most recently on why Gandalf never married and a discussion of the 'overuse' of Kick-Ass Heroines as opposed to heroes in today's urban fiction. Worth checking out.


  1. Many thanks for that. Its first thing in the morning here and so I'm gonna consider through a day at work as to whether I'm going to pass these on or sit and horde the award for myself!

    However, if the latter, I'll pop back here and offer seven lies, damn lies and statictics...

  2. Cheers Andy,

    I hope you have fun at work. Looking forward to your :)

  3. Thank You!!! Hey, it's first thing in the morning HERE now! Loving this award. I'm gonna be thinking up some lies to tell!

  4. You're welcome Sarah. I look forward to reading your lies and guessing which are true!

  5. Thanks gabriel! Now i'm wondering just which clan that cat was named after... ravnos sounds like a great name!

  6. okay, 7 lies, damn lies and statistics... or are they?

    1. according to the mug in front of me Andrew is derived from A’andrugh and means “Incredibly awesome God-like genius with stunning good looks.”
    2. I used to be a member of a witches coven
    3. I have vampire tattooed on both forearms in Chinese/Japanese Kanji and Korean
    4. I also have the Kanji for vampire on my wedding ring
    5. I once ate a bowl full of English Mustard for £10, whilst drunk in a pub
    6. I have been in Tutankhamen’s tomb
    7. I watched the last eclipse in Britain at a magical place called Odin’s Sitch

  7. No worries Everlost, dropped you an email about my cat.

    Andy, I think #1 is true while the other 6 are false :)

  8. Hello Count --

    er, it's All Things Smart and SCARY -- where is this sexy coming from? (Though I will take the compliment and the comparison to Princess Leia!).

    3 kids from 3 different women - you ho!! Actually, I can believe everything else but that tidbit ;-)

    And I think everything Taliesin said is false (though #1 does give me pause :) save for the eating mustard thing -- I've seen Brits when they're drunk and it can get quite messy that way...

  9. Let's start with #1 - its true, the mug in front of me did have that printed on it... the mug itself does not have a scrap of truth on it but my statement was honest... ;)

  10. Taliesin -- don't sell yourself short! And that is one awesome mug, I have to say!

  11. Thanks for the props (and the chance to tell lies...or are they truths...). Love your blog--I'm your newest follower!

  12. Lets move on t0 #'s 2 - 7 from my list... they are all actually truths, I'm just too intrinsically honest! :)

  13. HAHA Talesin. Egypt would have been fascinating!

    Well for me #4 was the only lie...

  14. Taliesin -- that is so cool about the tattoos. Not so cool about the mustard, but with alcohol involved... We're going to have to have an internet Tatt and Tell day!