Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vampire/Horror Remakes and COUNT YORGA

In the lieu of old vampire/monster classics getting remade such as FRIGHT NIGHT and constant updates of DRACULA with Dracula: Year Zero, The Wolfman and so forth, what other vampire/monster movies from your past would you like to see remade (or not!) and how would you like them done?

Would you like the settings to be modernised or still set in the period? Would you like the cast to stay the same age or make them younger? And furthermore would you like the plot to be replicated or come up with an entirely new storyline or twist?

One film series I would like to see remade or a prequel to is COUNT YORGA. In the two Yorga films, the 2nd one Return of Count Yorga almost a remake of the original with a similar storyline, we see Yorga in a  in a small American town trying to increase his brood of zombified and creepy vampire brides. Out of all the vampire movies, I find these Brides to be the most frightening.

But what about Yorga before he came to America? We know from his history as Count Yorga explains it that he came from a small village in Bulgaria. What happened there? Who made him a vampire, and what were the events that led up to it? Was he always a Count or did he marry a Countess? Was he kind or evil before he was turned and was it the Countess that turned him? Who is his master? Why does Yorga have full mental function and appear as human while his Brides are shambling vampires? Was he similar before he became a Master Vampire if not why are they different? What were his reasons for leaving his homeland and coming to America, and finally just how old is Yorga?

These are the answers I would like to see in a modern updates of YORGA. Unfortunately the wonderful Robert Quarry has passed, and the YORGA films are 30 years old, but I believe if done right, this film could be a great return to classic Gothic Horror Vampire Cinema....

Other vampire films I'd like to see remade are DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS, REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE, VAMPYROS LESBOS (still would have to have that disco soundtrack) and SCARS OF DRACULA.

What are your thoughts on a prequel to COUNT YORGA or do you have some other favourite you'd like to see updated? or do you believe that the era that they were made in with the fashion, music and culture made those films what they were back then?


  1. I am so sick of all the remakes (you know my feelings on how Fright Night is sacred and shouldn't be touched at all), so instead I'm going to propose a movie of this awesome book called Release and it features a female vampire who saves Jewish children during WWII -- totally fresh plot, intellectual themes, demons, vampires, werewolves and Nazis -- what could be better? ;-)

    July 19, 2010 4:50 AM

  2. Nicole - I hope RELEASE does get adapted and you have creative control. Perhaps you can write a script version of it as Anne Rice did for Interview With the Vampire, and get your agent (if you have one) to send it to a few studios? (Don't forget I'll do the stunt choreography for free :p )

  3. Salem's Lot and Count Yorga for sure.

  4. Lemora a child's tale of the supernatural would be another.

  5. Count Yorga could be a fantastic remake of the classic vampire story set in modern times, the original is a great film, genuinely eerie and superbly cast with Robert Quarry. Could Rufus Sewell be a good Count Yorga?